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This is exchange for discussing macroeconomics. Feel free to submit new topics to be featured within this exchange.



Paul Harte
Business Owner - Investor

Just some sound non-investing related career advice for everyone here on the RV Exchange - Please don't do this (see article) on any video recorded spot or zoom call...

No! There is financial asset inflation and there is real-world consumer inflation (CPI). And everyone lives in either the financial world, consumer world, or perhaps somewhere in-between. Dollar devaluation could refer to the creation of financial asset inflation, as is done by quantitative easing. Specifically, we refer to this as debt monetization. Unless the new reserves created are high-velocity, the consumer world won't experience inflation, only the financial world.


Powell: Fed evaluating benefits of a digital currency as Raul suggested in previous tweets.

Monday 10/19/2020

Good morning! Guess #teamdeflation and myself will continue sitting on the sidelines waiting to play!  Team reflation is scoring lots of points 🎈

Which team are you on and why?  And for what time horizon if that matters to you..