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Member Networking
Member Networking
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The Real Vision network is filled with the brightest and most connected members of any financial community. This is where we help each other.

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the member networking channel. This is where those that would like to connect with other members for professional or personal pursuits can interact. This is a private group so none of the information shared here will be visible to external parties (I.e. non-members or google search). Private messaging is a feature that will be available in the community before end of year. Until then, feel free to connect in whatever manner you're comfortable.
Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Do NOT open link in potential SPAM circulating Exchange Chat Messages

If anyone has received something  from the Exchange direct message function that looks like the below (name removed) ↓ 

 ‘ You've just received an important project opportunity proposal from ——— ———- Via OneDrive Cloud.

followed by a link - do NOT click on it. It may very well be legitimate (highly likely it’s not), but ignore just to be on the safe side. We are looking into it. 

(also, if anybody does want to legitimately and directly propose some project to another Exchange member- be a human being with your approach, don’t be some shady thing I have to flag like this)

Thanks @Benjamin Harrison @Matt Daniell for the heads up 

Spent a good amount of the US lockdowns in Mexico, will be returning to Mexico City in October/November (tons of great conferences/meetups are scheduled down there).  Early 2022 will either be South America or the Caribbean for some island life. 

Ify ou're looking for a legitimate holiday,  I'd see how southeast asia starts opening back up.  So much exploring to be done over there (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, and more!)