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Check out this must see Real Estate Video of the Week!



I really like this video because John and William discuss specific “cases” of bubbles from different times in history. It was interesting to hear them explain how the housing bubble in Ireland was distinctly different than the subprime mortgage crisis in the US.

Are cities really dead, or is this an opportunity?

Trees don't grow to the sky

and people, like capital, go to where they are treated best.

The demise of core traditional real estate sectors and the rise of "alternative/niche" sectors.

Most of the niche sectors are only practically available for the retail investor via the public market. It includes sectors like Data Centres, Gaming Net Lease, Lab Space, Manufactured Housing, and Cell Towers. Many of these assets are worth much more in the hands of an operator with a platform as compared to on a standalone basis. In real estate investing, "Platform" is one of the biggest drivers of outperformance in the long term. 

Skate to where the puck will be