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I heard Denver is red hot for homes, but ice cold for condos in downtown. At some point, I think you'll see Boomers selling out of their homes & into condos because the downsizing makes sense plus Denver is a nice place for retirement but that trend may have just stalled because of the pandemic. 

Hi Jeffrey, Sorry I am only just starting to look into Australian Law on that point, could we keep each other posted please?

Thank you Greg.


I learned that nation wide there is currently a 1mo housing supply but roughly 3.5million homes in forebearance and can't come to the market due to federal moratoriums.  3.5M homes added to the current supply would push us up to 6mo+ supply and become a buyers market.

Job growth is excellent in that area. There is steady inward migration and the economy is strong. It will outperform the national market. 

The national market is expensive. I imagine it will get more expensive in the short term. All that fiscal policy has to go somewhere! 

Looking out beyond 2 years I suspect we will have a substantial correction in time and price.