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Inflation hysteria?

I want to share this personal experience and ask you for your opinion.
In Sept 2020 I bought a Vacation home in Panama City Beach FL. It is zoned "commercial" and it is used for short term vacation rentals. I paid for it $552,000 and I had three ideas: 1) I expected the prices will go up, because of the specific location and because I thought that individual family beach home rentals will be favored destination as a result of COVID 2) Generate some rental income 3) some personal use

After a few months I decided, that I want to try selling it and look for a newer house in a little more upscale area. About 30 days ago the next door house that is exactly the same (design, sq. footage , lot and even build by the same builder) sold for $600,900.

I started to look for other houses in the area and realized that there are few home for sale and the prices seems to have gone up 15-20 percent in a matter of a few months. I put my house on the market for $700,000 three days ago and I already received two offers for full asking price.

This seems to me just insane, and my gut tell me that I should sell it, however, I don't know if I will be able to buy something with the money. Is it a bubble ready to pop or is it one that it is about to get much,... (More)

I am considering selling commercial property in Oslo

Real Estate. I have a commercial property in Oslo that I am considering selling. I can get 4% yeald and this is historically high. I only have this property. 85 percent of the rental income comes from one tenant. They sell clothes and are part of a large clothing Inc. The net income comes from 3 apartments. In Norway, there is about a 40% discount on wealth tax on owning property instead of cash.

I have been wondering to buy BTC for the sale amount. Despite the fact that I already have most of my free money in BTC. I can of course find other investment areas.

With the changes in the market for commercial real estate, MMT, online shopping for clothing and increasingly stringent environmental restrictions in Oslo, I wonder if it might be time to secure the funds. 

Where are the global real estate markets going? 

Will a sharp fall in global real estate prices also affect prices locally in Oslo?

Are there any good sources I can look up?


(I searched a bit around the exchange, but did not quite find what I was looking for.)


Building Material increases - Commodities $ work through system

This is just the beginning

Listed below are the increases that will be put into place by Marvic Supply on February 1st 2021.
We anticipate additional price increases from many suppliers again this Spring or Early Summer due to continued raw material shortages and higher costs.