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Farrell MurphyVisionary
Manager of Product Development- The Exchange

Weekly Influence Point Winners! Wk of 4/12

Happy Monday Exchange! And congratulations to this week's winners!


@Matthew BIRD 

@Ernesto Rachitoff 

@John San 


Out Top 3 Weekly Influence Point earners will win $10 towards Real Vision Shop and the Top 5 Monthly Influence Point Earners will win $25 towards Real Vision Shop. See Details Here

Later this week we will also announce our first Monthly Influence Point Winners!

And as reminder we will have 3 NEW WINNERS next week so everyone is still in the game for RV Shop credit!

Moritz HeidenExpert: Quant Finance
Head of Quant Research MunichRe Investment Partners and one of the @twoquants

Real Vision Exchange Survey Week 16/2021: Results

It's already one week since we launched the @Real Vision crypto survey and more than 650 votes in the first week. Wow.

So in addition to the weekly macro survey, I want to present the first insights. As always, I track the portfolio by looking at the weekly survey each Sunday. The portfolio will then be reallocated on Monday. For the first "allocation" of the Crypto portfolio I used Saturday evening because crypto trades 24/7 and that was the day when the majority of votes was already in.

Participate here in the weekly macro survey

Participate here in the weekly crypto survey

Crypto survey summary

The survey portfolio was relatively concentrated, as most people voted for an overweight of the top coins. I formed portfolio by substracting underweight from overweight, taking the absolute value (long only!) and standardizing the weights to sum up to one.

For the Bot's portfolio, I simply used the "Let the Bot decide". It's just a start, the Bot will get a more elaborate logic on top. So by construction, the Bot is currently more of a equally weighted portfolio of all the coins in the selection.

I tracked both portfolios from Saturday on until Friday so far (have to update this). But until last week the Bot was ahead thanks to Dogecoin.

In addition to the existing coins, I got some interesting suggestions, which I screened for the portfolio. I added the coins which are tradeable and make sense from a diversification point of... (More)

Crypto/Blockchain/DeFi Venture Funds

It would be great to get anyone's perspective on the best Crypto/Blockchain/DeFi venture funds? Specifically, funds that are currently taking on new LPs and minimum investments in the $250-500k range.  I've just been investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last couple years, but looking to expand my investments in this sector. Thank you for any feedback and perspectives.