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1 in 5 chance Gold Isn't that safe haven YouTubers say it is 🤓

Interesting Graph from Man Group, The Bond Problem 

The question the ask is; given super low yields, should you replace the Bonds with gold? 

Well its not a simple yes or no but they provide this interesting graph showing how gold and SNP returns are related. 

and Correlation trend is not your friend, 


Kind of mirrors what I saved before: 


The above are screenshots from a report called: "US Economic Outlook & Implications of Current Policies for Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin (15th in our COVID-19 Series) by Goldman. Sadly the dropbox link to the full presentation is dead.

For more interesting info see below 👇

📙 Let’s Keep Democratizing Finance, Shall We? Jan 2021 Buyside Research


Its nothing more than a guess, but I believe Italy and Japan are the two oldest population countries.  Perhaps adoption of this sort of tech inversely correlates with age?

Moritz HeidenExpert: Quant Finance
Head of Quant Research MunichRe Investment Partners and one of the @twoquants

Real Vision Exchange Survey Week 4/2021: Results

Here are last week's @Real Vision Exchange survey results. Bitcoin sentiment came down a lot and overall it looks like the survey is catching a breath. The portfolio holds its main positions but switched off some of the tiny bets in currencies.

If you are looking to do your own analysis with the numbers on the Bot's dashboard, you can download the values in each chart as a csv by clicking the little gear box that's at the top right of each chart.


Executive Summary

  1. Bitcoin sentiment came back A LOT from strongly bullish (0.77) to nearly neutral (0.087) on the 1m horizon. 3m horizon still bullish but at least short term participants are sceptical of upward potential. That correlates with a lacklustre performance over the last few days...a lot of sideways movements in Bitcoin.
  2. Gold expectations are also very low on the 1m horizon, while volatility is expected to increase. Overall it doesn't look like a bearish scenario but more like a moment of catching a breath while clear trends are missing. Even the so far very bullish case for EM equities is barely positive. Dollar is expected to weaken further.
  3. On the longer horizon however, things clear up a little bit for Gold, Bitcoin and even slightly for EM and US Equities
  4. Both the Exchange and the Bot's portfolio suffered last week due to their huge allocation to Bitcoin. The Bot's bet on a strenghtening EUR vs USD went relatively... (More)

LIVE at 11am EST: Steven Van Metre & Michael Ashton - Ask Me Anything

Steven Van Metre of Steven Van Metre Financial is back with Michael Ashton, founder of Enduring Investments, to go further in-depth on and answer audience questions about inflation. Van Metre and Ashton review what they’ve previously discussed and clarify their thoughts on the impact of inflation on gold, wages, and wealth disparity. They also tackle money velocity and interest rates, the penalty incurred for holding cash, the differences between global inflation and national inflation, and more.