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AltCoins and The Hive Mind

Since @Raoul Pal tweeted about wanting followers to chime in with #AltCoin ideas in a paragraph of what they thought were good to great ideas to throw $$$ at - I decided to do a little research on my own and discovered this today on the Daily Hodl

Analyst Nicholas Merten Details Strategy for Mastering Altcoins and Compounding Gains | The Daily Hodl

I am wondering what the Hive Mind has to say as I am a neophyte (less than one year in crypto)

John Doe
Legendary Punk-Rock Musician

Beware of taxes. Conversion of ETH to ALTs is taxable event. So you already owe capital gains on ETH between you bought it and sold for ALTs. Because of that it is simpler to always trade stablecoin. Even though technically stablecoin can have capital gains as well but they are practically negligible so probably OK to ignore. 

Since your ultimate goal is to exit to fiat, it doesn't matter as much whether you go alt->eth->fiat, or alt->stablecoin->fiat. Only caveat is that you make suffer/benefit from eth volatility if you stay in it too long.