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Welcome to The Exchange for the revolutionary new Real Vision Crypto membership. It’s the place to chat about the latest Real Vision Crypto videos, guests you want to see on the new channel, feedback on this new adventure we’re all going on, and more. For the next month, you get free member access the the Real Vision Crypto exchange as well so you can watch and discuss the videos right here. 

This is Sebastian from the RV Editorial team! Here's my take on our Crypto Video of the Week.

Ash's recent video with Sergey Nazarov goes in depth about the importance and value of smart contracts and how oracles can GREATLY expand the utility of what blockchains can do. This whole video helps the audience understand just how big and ubiquitous crypto will some day be. If you are looking to expand your understanding of smart contracts and get a glimpse into the future of blockchain this video is a must watch! Sergey is always a fountain of knowledge - so happy real vision got him on to speak.


Anyone users of LVL Bank for crypto?

Anyone have any experience using LVL for a bank account a crypto trading?  $9/month subscription fee, no trading fees on any crypto trades. They also have an autopilot market maker that generates yield by working as a market maker.

An Elliott Wave analysis of the next 10 years in Bitcoin. The case for 7 million.