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Channel for any questions, concerns, or suggestions for making our community even better. Post general inquiries or feedback and also report any technical problems 

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The Basics: Common Questions You May Ask Exchanges You will automatically be enrolled in the Real Vision Exchange and the Support & Feedback Exchange. The rest of the public exchanges you can join are listed under "Exchanges" on the left menu bar. When you join an exchange, posts made in that exchange will appear on your main feed. You can join and leave any public exchange whenever you want. For the private exchanges (such as the Plus and Pro exchanges) you must request to join and we will verify your membership and let you in. Posting A post is simply a thought, opinion, article, chart or information that you want to share with the rest of the community or a specific group. A question is if you have a specific inquiry or want opinions and feedback on a topic in general or a specific question. A trade idea refers specifically to a stock trade that you personally want to recommend, give a perspective on, or want an opinion on. Tags When you post something or ask a question in The Exchange you must do so in a specific exchange. You must also add tags to the post in regard to other topics/ areas that are relevant. When you do that, other people in the exchange can find your post when they search for certain topics. Reporting a Post On the bottom right corner of a post there are three dots. Click there and you will see the option to report... (More)
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How to optimize your feed. There's a lot of information flowing and we're starting the journey of making sure it's flowing right for each of us. In this quick tutorial I show you how to optimize your feed by following the right Exchanges, following tags and following people. More tutorials on the way to help make The Exchange work for you. Just search TUTORIALS in the search bar at the top of the page if you ever need help.

I would like to suggest an exchange for 1. ESG and 2. Impact Investing

I would define ESG as a negative screen against Environmental, Social, and Governance, and it is reasonably well understood. Impact Investment is something different. Usually with an investment we would look at two primary dimensions: financial risk and return (%). With an Impact Investments we would look at three primary dimensions: financial risk, return (%) and impact. Here we are not only at looking to "not be bad" but actually "do some good" as a measurable criteria. I suggest capturing discussions around these related categories in an exchange.

Farrell MurphyVisionary
Manager of Product Development

Hi @Ian Cameron. It is strange your request never came through on our end, I apologize for that. I just manually added you to the Pro exchange- let me know if you have any issues accessing it.