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Your exchange for any questions, concerns, or suggestions for making our community even better. Post general inquiries or feedback and also report any technical problems. 

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Theodore Boydston
Investor, Manager, Electrical Engineer, EDA Expert

Exchange web icon now a male gender symbol.

No, this is not a joke, see below.  I guess this is an improvment from it being the LinkedIn icon. I will also note this issue only occurs on the Exchange home page.  It does not occur on the sub exchanges.

I’m wondering if this could be a Safari iOS iPad bug. Please note that restarting Safari as well as the iPad does not resolve this issue. And please, oh please, don’t make me clear my cookies and cache ;)

At least I’m entertained by this latest web icon as it makes me think of Austin Powers.


Video search results no longer render on Windows 10

Hello, for some reason the video search results do not render the results properly for me. This is new, as I've used it probably a week ago or sooner. I'm on Windows 10 latest and I've tried in Chrome and Edge on both laptop and PC. To reproduce the issue, click on the top spyglass and then start typing into the search field. The "recommended videos" will disappear and the search results will show, however only the pagination bar renders. The advanced search is similar.

Investor Tutorial Topic Ideas

Investor tutorials is a great series, I thought of a few topics that I think may be of interest to RV subscribers:

  1. Repo Market Overview
  2. Order Flow (relation to Gamestop)
  3. Shorting/Naked shorting
  4. Treasury Market Overview (Auctions timing, process, players, etc)
  5. ETF and impact of massive redemptions on ETF on overall market
  6. Explain what happened to treasury market regarding breakdown in Mar, 2020

Could RealVision replace video comments with an embedded Exchange thread?

My idea is for each video on RealVision to use an embedded Exchange thread to handle comments. Currently, comments and replies on videos don't cause users to receive alerts (you have to manually go back and check). There's also no profile link, and rich text is not supported, for example. Would be nice to have. Plus, I think videos might receive more discussion by surfacing the thread in the Exchange.