I'm currently doing Van Tharp's Peak Performance course which focuses on a trader's individual psychology as the key factor to trading performance. I'd like to share some of the books ideas with any of you who are interested and get a discussion going.

The first idea is that a trader's beliefs can have a huge impact on their behaviour and performance. Some beliefs can be empowering (believing hard work is valuable could result in a trader spending more time working on their craft so they can gain experience and knowledge faster) and some beliefs can be limiting (believing the markets are rigged could result in a trader approaching the markets with a gambling mentality - as there is no point working hard and doing proper analysis if the markets are rigged anyway).

I think the most relevant and important belief for me right now is that "I have no time!". This belief is a limiting belief as I've already set myself up for "No point even trying to get all this work done as I don't have the time anyway". I am working on this belief by breaking down the hours in a day and seeing how I am utilising them (am I utilising my time on things which are important and urgent or on things that aren't important and can be done at a later date). I am also trying to improve my productivity and focus by setting goals for what I want to achieve each hour of my work day.

What are some of your most important limiting or empowering beliefs that you want to work on?