@Moritz Seibert and I decided to launch a dedicated video channel: 2Q Conversations. We have a passion for speaking with, and learning from, interesting people. Interesting because they are bright minds, smart traders, experts in their fields of business, or simply because they hold uncommon or unique views. And you know, it’s even more interesting when these views challenge our own views. 

We want to have conversations only with great people, and only about great topics. Our guests tend to be people we’d like to hang out with at a nice bar or restaurant and talk to for hours on end without it ever becoming boring. Sometimes these people are under the radar and hard to find, which in turn means that we won’t be recording a 2Q Conservations video every week and maybe not even every month. It happens when it happens, but only when we believe it’s worth our time and our viewer’s time. 

In this first episode of 2Q Conversations, George Coyle and Moritz Seibert speak with  Gregory Zuckerman. Greg writes for the WSJ and is the author of “The Man Who Solved the Market” – an interesting and well-written book about the highly secretive hedge fund Renaissance Technologies (RenTec) and the people behind the firm, first and foremost Jim Simons.

We’d all like to know how RenTec trades. How is it possible that they compound returns at >60% annually while no other hedge fund comes close? Are they running a complex AI-based system that is always at least one step ahead of all other traders? Or maybe a portfolio of simpler short-term systems but with very low slippage? We don’t know.

The person who has come closest to Jim Simons and the firm is Greg. That’s why we thought it might be a good idea to ask him directly. 


By the way, on Friday we sent out the first edition of 2Q Focus, our monthly research report, including a glimpse into our 2Q Portfolio. I also mentioned it on the Exchange and actually quite a lot of you have already signed up to get their free report. I hope you enjoyed it!

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