Video has been updated and the new link is attached here.
Squeezemetrics was kind enough to review the video for me and ensure all the information presented was factually correct.

Ever come away from an interview with Charlie McElligot and think to yourself: WTF?
Had no idea what Cem Karsan and Kris Sidial were talking about when they talk about "Vanna"?

Here I explain the basic concept of market makers hedging their gamma and vanna exposure and illustrated one example of how this can cause sudden crashes in the stock market.



This is only meant to be an introduction video; anybody who is already well versed in gamma/vanna exposure will probably not find this of much use. @Weston Nakamura 
In the future, I am hoping to make another video that  goes deeper into vanna and also explores charm, since in this video I only explain vanna in a very narrow circumstance.

Anybody have a kick-ass narration voice? Anybody have kick-ass graphics skills?
I am more than open to outsource those to anybody here who can do either of those better than me, maybe even redo this current video.

Any suggestions or feedback on the video are welcome, looking to eventually redo this video.