Monday, new week.  New start - literally.  Just dropping into the usual APAC timeslot to say hi -  I'll be a bit random in the next little while. 

Just sorting some distractions - no time for fun...


I try to never blame my broker - yet I am not happy with the ethics of my current broker to keep things polite and anonymous (they are offshore and reputable), and have given them till tonight to explain themselves. Means I am without a broker and can't trade properly.  



As Weston has said, there is limited value in posting public knowledge as every other financial website does, so from now I'll be trying out some experimental posts here.  Anticipatory posts to stretch myself a bit, which may mean a few mistakes here and there, but it will be fun.  Original maybe.  

I mean here's today: The SPI took off a bit of the excess from Friday's rally, the Nikkei undecided, rallying back from a small fade.  Crude oil, gold and silver weaker, the miners strongest (including Lynas) on the ASX.  BTC held gains from the weekend, and surged about $800 higher.  Hong Kong falling back almost 1%.  Three lines which could have been two.  Structure in the ASX, algo's in control.  Fade higher prob.