@Weston Nakamura and I recorded a video talking about using the exchange; 


In general, we talked about What my portfolio looks like & Why and Why I am so active on the Exchange. 

The great Value Add to RV is The Exchange so I think the most useful part of my conversation with Weston is my breakdown of how to use the exchange, starting around @14:16 in the video. 

For the readers out there; 

Quick Best Practice: 


  • Make sure you select "Ask Question" before posting since questions get a different treatment than posts do.
  • Before posting, use the search bar to see if your question was asked before.
    • Engage with an already existing Question if it is similar to yours since everyone that commented or liked the question will get notified and you will get the best engagement.
  • Ask the question in the right exchange, Crypto, Equities, Forex ..... and use as many tags as you can.
    • This way you make sure the right people see it and that your question is searchable after.
  • You can Request answers from users on existing questions. Simply click "Request Answer" and search for the specific user who you would like to see an answer from.
  • You can Use Polls to ask questions. Include an "I don't know" option for people that like to vote on things to avoid biased outcomes.
  • Try to keep the question brief so that it is readable if you need more space "answer" your own question to provide more colour or resources to your question. 


This is the default option in the exchange. A post is informational again look if you are using the right exchange and as many relevant tags as possible. 

A 5-⭐post 

  • uses the right tags and exchange,
  • links the post to RV content, older exchange discussion or other content related to tag or the exchange you post in.
  • Has data (charts, tables, sources, quotes).
    • If you share a paper or report share the graphs/ quotes you found most interesting in the post and add the link to the report or the report at the bottom.
  • Include your market implication
  • If you pitch an investment, please share the size of the position in your portfolio. (I believe in "skin in the game")


Reply's/ comments


  • Be Civil
  • Provide data (chart, table, paper, article)
  • If your market view is different explain why.

These comments take more time but provide a lot more value to those involved in the conversation and those reading. Reward best comments by giving them a ♥ <3 so that more people will see it. 


That's it, I hope it helps to continue to make the exchange the best place for talking about markets on the internet.