1. Posts should be thoughtful discussions — not promotional links to external content.  Sometimes, posts require a supporting evidence. Just remember, the exchange is a place for discussion -- not for promotion. Nobody likes to be spammed.
  2. It’s perfectly acceptable to disagree (even to disagree passionately) with something that’s been posted. When we disagree, we criticize the ideas not the person. We’re here to learn together and from each other; If you disagree with something, provide evidence and data to the contrary.
  3. Posting in the appropriate exchange category
  4. When to Report/flag a post. When in doubt, feel free to let us know. We’re always happy to jump in. Examples:
    • Personal attacks on individuals rather than valid criticisms of their ideas.
    • Overt Promotions to outside content - Irrelevant or not summarized to show relevance
  5. If you are repeatedly reported you will get a warning from an RV member. Real Vision has the right to suspend you from the platform if you continue to get flagged for not following the rules of engagement.
  6. Above all else, please be kind to each other. Real Vision – first and foremost – is a community.