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For anyone who missed yesterday’s RVDB Tony Greer Tuesdays, you missed joining an angry mob who saw my stupid face instead (I was one of them- I too wanted Tony) don’t worry he’ll be back soon. I was pulled in about 13 mins prior to going live at 4:47am so @Ash Bennington & I just talked about what was top of mind, which defaults to recent posts on the Exchange + my big picture themes discussed on Exchange over time. These aren’t solely my thoughts, they’re a stream of (sub)consciousness directly inspired by the Exchange - so thank you all for your constant help & keeping me (semi)sharp out of 1 bloodshot eye. Special thanks to those below for these particular discussions from RVDB. 

I got a rather insane volume of (positive) feedback after this episode from non-Exchange people (i.e. those who heard what you‘ve all known for months)

RBA policy announcement/US market open, AUDJPY vs SPX @Matt Daniell  

Recently explained how the AUDJPY carry trade works, & correlation w/ SPX @Jeremiah S 

Trade Construction: “Long Capitalism / Short …with Chinese Characteristics” 

Interview DMITRY BALYASNY @Raoul Pal 

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