As far as I can tell, DFINITY's token ICP can be used by developers to convert into cycles, which are in turn needed to run apps/programs that are written on the Internet Computer.
ICP are created through the staking of them in the Neural Network and participating in the governance of the blockchain.

Thus the two opposing forces on the supply of ICP are the burning by developers and the minting by stakers.

However, the token economics is designed such that 1 Swiss Franc will always be equal to 1 Trillion Cycles.
Ie, If 1 ICP is worth 500 Swiss Franc, if a developer buys 1 Swiss Franc worth of ICP, they get 1 Trillion cycles.
If 1 ICP is worth 1,000,000 Swiss Franc, if a developer buys 1 Swiss Franc worth of ICP, they still get 1 Trillion cycles.

Under this dynamic, the developers are under no obligation to bid up the price of ICP, since it is effectively a stable-coin like dynamic for them. The token appears to be designed to cater to developers and ensuring that their costs stay fixed.

Thus although I am very bullish on the technology of DFINITY (Whether it gains mass-adoption is a separate issue), I am failing to see how the token, ICP, itself actually gathers any value?
Thus I am hesitant to buy the token and am looking at other ways to invest in the technology.

Am I missing something? Does ICP have a reason to go up in value (Apart from pure speculation?)