Welcome @Haley Draznin for her first video appearance on the Exchange, where we discuss her off-camera / behind-the-scenes role at RV (the literal reason we subscribe to RV), the $60 trillion generational wealth transfer underway, alternative investments / death of 60/40. And by far the most important topic addressed on the Exchange, the critical need for women - not just in financial markets, but on the Exchange itself.


Haley’s Interviews on Alternative Investments

Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital - as they say (nobody says this), when life hands you lemons homelessness, build a VC out of sheer will, determination and intellect. This is what real power (and real “ESG”) looks like. (Link to video here

Catharine Dockery Vice Ventures early stage VC in “vice industries” - sex, drinking, smoking, gambling, in other words - Long: Recession-proof industries via the real “consumer staples” (Link to video here

•Eva Moskowitz CEO of Success Academy, NYC’s largest & highest performing free charter school network - Long: Educating the future of America (Link to video here

Jonathan Sandelman CEO of Ayr Strategies, after spending 3 decades in institutional finance accumulating knowledge is now running an MSO - Long: Vertically Integrated Cannabis (Link to video here

Mike Boyd, specialist on multi-generational wealth management, on the largest generational wealth transfer in history from baby boomers → millennials. Long: paying very close attention to $60 trillion in wealth changing hands from the fully invested to the underweight everything cohorts. (Link to video here

Why we subscribe to RV: Access to the otherwise inaccessible. Some of Haley’s huge guest bookings:

•Dmitry Balyasny, Balyasny Asset Mgmt. >$100bn AUM hedge fund legend (but not HF “rockstar” because extremely publicly elusive). The last of its kind- the Soros/Druck/PTJ/Moore for millennials’ era. Manages a portfolio of portfolio managers. (Link to video here)  

•Boaz Weinstein, Saba Capital. Blackjack player turned Deutsche CDS trading genius starting age 24. Took the other side of JPM’s massive -$6bn “London Whale” loss, the “r/WSB GME David vs Goliath” of the credit hedge fund world. (Link to video here

Sam Zell - the Sam Zell of Real Estate (Link to video here

•Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss - to become renown w/ BTC starting as a nobody is one thing, to do so having to shake off a highly public Facebook association overhang is another. BTC as the “Trade of the Decade” (Link to video here

I sincerely hope that Haley will inspire more women to have a very much needed voice on the Exchange. 

Thank you Haley for all that you do!