I'm not sure if this thought process makes any sense ( and maybe isn't at all original), but aside from the network effects, is the way people think about Tesla a similar concept to the way people think about Bitcoin?

What I'm getting at, is that Tesla is a technology company that is valued for its ESG future, in helping to solve the problem of climate change, and I think a status symbol of technology of the future.  It is not just a car producer.

Bitcoin is more than a store of value, it is the key representative of the crypto currency space and the ideas behind that of decentralization, global economic participation and driving a financial revolution with technology.

I think Tesla and Bitcoin share that ideological component, in addition to the network effect, and in addition to their functional roles.  I know we have heard many on real vision talk about this similarity of network effect, but not as much (maybe?) the similarities of the ideological component.

Is there a way to value that ideological component (psychological?).

Random thoughts, that i'm not sure are useful...