Alternative video title: “How To Prosperity” 

I have the privilege of participating alongside @Ash Bennington for a tri-continental discussion with Dr. Indranil Ghosh of Tiger Hill Capital and author of Powering Prosperity:  A Citizen's Guide for shaping global prosperity   - sharing insights exclusively for the Exchange. (MIT trained, formerly with Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund, Bridgewater Associates, McKinsey & Co). 

Through his unique perspective, Indranil presents a (somehow) ”contrarian/non-consensus” outlook: optimism and necessity for successful private-public partnerships needed to tackle issues of climate change, prosperity inequality, and other monumental challenges that we millennials will have to confront. I personally don’t know why consensus dismisses public-private partnerships- half of DM society mistrusts government and the other half mistrusts the private sector, so find the way for each side to complement and enhance the other, no? Maybe I’m too not-old fashioned that way. 

And I challenge anyone to top an exit with “sorry guys, need to run - I’m supposed to be accepting an award for this very book we’re currently discussing.” (That really happens haha)

Please let me know your thoughts and feedback, for both the content as well as thoughts on this new interview structure with Ash and I experimented with. Thanks Exchange!