Ladies & Gents of The Exchange- see the Exchange Exclusive video below, courtesy of @Ash Bennington interviewing Sean Culkin, professional American football tight end, and first NFL player to convert 100% of his salary from USD to BTC. 

Watch him talk about his background, his journey of learning (with a big shout out to RV of course), and his reasoning behind how he arrived at this decision - to be (ir)responsibly compensated in this particular scarce asset over fiat. And what else lies ahead for Sean in football, finance and crypto.

With regards to converting his salary to BTC, my guess is- there will be many, many more to follow his lead.

And a BIG THANK YOU to @Ash Bennington who did this exclusively for the Exchange - so lets not waste the opportunity to discuss!

Note: this video was filmed while Sean was on the Kansas City Chiefs - he is now a free agent at the time of this posting. Also note that “getting paid in BTC” is not the NFL paying him “x-BTC/year” contract- they are paying him his fixed USD, which he is converting 100% out of USD → BTC.