Key Videos of the Week

Lacy Hunt & Danielle DiMartino Booth: Disinflationary headwinds against rising yields, 2 quarter growth head-fake, global supply chain & aging/birthrate demographic hit (Video Link Here)

Chris Cole & Mike Green: “Unholy Trinity,” VIX in 2020, Insolvency, BTC “what if,” Dragon Portfolio 2020 performance (Video Link Here)

Archegos Coverage

RVDB Tues: Tony Greer de-risking (Video Link Here)

RVDB Wed PART 1 of 2: @Weston Nakamura @Jack Farley @Max Wiethe (Video Link Here)

RVDB Wed Continued PART 2 of 2- Exchange After Hours Follow Up: Weston Nakamura, Jack Farley (Video Link Here)

Carson Block and Max Wiethe Live Interview on “ARCH-EGO,” GSX, Short Squeezes (Video Link Here)

Squeeze Chronology  
Squeeze Chronology  


RVDB Thurs: Tyler Neville, Jack Farley. BTC as long vol asset, dollar weakness vs JPY, CNH, EUR (Video Link Here)

★Exchange EXCLUSIVE Must Watch★ 

@Haley Draznin  & Weston on alt investing, booking all star guests for RV & directly confronting the imbalance of women on the Exchange (Video Link Here)


btw in case you’re wondering and as stated below- the reason this video is shot from what looks like inside my “batcave” (or perhaps an actual bat cave) is because my original recording with the intention of having tokyo tower in the background was unusable due to a stupid artificial waterfall noise picked up the entire time- and so I had to re-record the entire thing ASAP to edit/post in time. which meant going to a hidden corner of my old office building lobby area free of people.
original / useless ↓