• Nat gas: fracking, production disruption (trade idea)
  • Lumber: supply chain, homebuilding & housing demand (trade idea)
  • Autos: used cars, dealership inventory
  • US employment: job posting, unique observation on labor shortage

IMAGES & analysis from the road:

  • Boat hauling: behavior of wealthy
  • Aluminum ingots: industrial activity
  • Lumber shipments 
  • WTF is this…???

New Discussions

•Bill or no bill, US infrastructure is alive and well (bridges, wind power, metro subway cars)

Shipping & delivery demand getting unmanageable, eyes on disrupted supply chain for ‘21 holiday cycle



 KB, Lennar, HomeDepot & Lowe’s -  too much single stock risk that I don’t know enough about- nor care to, as homebulder ETFs ITB, XHB & PKB hold these names and have outperformed. ITB +200% vs SPX +80% to peak in early May, then -15%. If the on-the-ground demand is still alive and well, pullback seems like an entry point, right?

Then I realized - these ETFs are actually just betting on long dated USTs.

Clearly there are broad directional ties.

Also not saying therefore homebuilder ETF longs are bad, nor am I a UST bear steepener. Just want my homebuilder & UST bets separate- because if the same trade, I want to scale exposure vs be long builders short duration in one.

Separate post on NG futures coming.

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