Please Explain Like I'm a Golden Retriever: The Dollar Smile 
Two golden retrievers, trying to understand financial concepts in simple terms.
Today's episode hosted with me and  @Lisa Gee 

If you already know what The Dollar Smile is, this video explores the key concept as well as peripheral questions, so you may learn something yet. 

In it, we discuss: 
What is The Dollar Smile, with clarifications and examples around what causes the "high" and "low" tendencies in the smile. 
The importance of thinking in relative terms to better understand the dollar and the DXY. 
Deeper explanation of the DXY, the domestic dollar, and the ex-U.S. dollar (Eurodollar). 
Explanation on conflating the Dollar Smile with Dollar Supercycles. (spoiler alert: Don't do it!) Looking ahead at possible scenarios - what are the dollar bulls and bears saying?


If you have any requests for future topics, or would like to come on as a golden retriever, either to explain something or have something explained, let us know!

Also, is there anyone who has wicked-ass video-editing skills that can make a tacky animation of a golden retriever sitting in front of a laptop to stare at candle charts, next to a dog bowl overflowing with untidy stacks of green cash? lol