Explain like I'm a Golden Retriever Pilot 

Pilot episode of a possibly on going series, where two golden retrievers try to explain to each other in really simple terms, financial concepts that can be difficult to understand. 
Today's episode hosted with me and  @Lisa Gee 


After recording, I realised to my shock that I had been recording my voice with two microphones, resulting in this weird phasing/distorted echo-like effect for my voice.
Although I tried clearing up some parts, the effect is very noticeable.
It is slightly better if you listen with just one earphone, so sorry for screwing up the audio!
If enough people find it too bothersome, I am happy to re-record my speaking parts separately and upload again.
Apologies in advance for the lousy audio, first time doing this, still learning!



If you've heard headlines about how the market is reacting to chasing gamma or negative gamma movements but aren't quite sure what that is, this conversation is for you. In it, we discuss:

  • What gamma is and how these reflexive loops occur.
  • How to think about these movements as a longer-term retail investor.
  • The impact of big players and Robinhood'ers.
  • How the media might mis-characterize these movements.
  • Resources and indicators you can keep an eye on.


A link to the free GEX indicator provided by Squeezemetrics:


The PDF paper by Squeezemetrics that goes deeper into Gamma exposures: https://squeezemetrics.com/download/The_Implied_Order_Book.pdf 

A video I made on Gamma and Vanna exposures, that explains the Squeezemetrics paper in simple terms and easy to understand graphics: 

If you have any ideas for future topics to cover or would like to join as a golden retriever, let us know!