Lets Get It Started!

  1. Weekly Unemployment Claims report 419k from 398k. @Claudio Delgado posts some charts and color from the unemployment claims report. We had an increase of 51k week over week. Something to think about. 
  2. Nice chart from @Sam Colt showing how inflation expectations have crept into our everyday lives. The freight/packaging charts are something. Thanks Sam. 
  3. It would not be a morning post without a "Lay Of The Land" post from @Christopher Moir. Thank you for your work and color here. 
  4. Can someone in the Crypto space help @Alexey Tyupanov answer his question? Furthermore, @Chris Yates used the "F" word and opened up an interesting debate regarding Tether. Check it out
  5. It might be 12 hours too late, but these posts from @Matt Daniell will always make into into my roundup. Why? You can tell Matt knows what he is talking about and there are little gems even if the rundown are not relevant anymore for today.

On my end, just watching this correlation as always. As you might have derived, I thought the value rotation might been interesting given how hard the market has fallen under the surface in that factor. I'll be watching the US-10year yield as a lean for that trade idea. 

Looks like we can blame the ECB for a down open in stocks this morning. Yields slightly slightly lower with the 10-year back into the 1.26 range. AUDJPY also off marginally.