Download the newest edition of Inside the Hive Mind, Feb 2021 !

In this issue:

• The Exchange had discussed a long GME trade on a massive short squeeze that would rival VW in ‘08 - back in Oct’20. Exchange also had the foresight for the WSB army - also since Oct’20.

•An overview of Jan, the month that put retail investors front and center 

•The Exchange‘s View on Meme Names

•Brokerage Risk

•The Hive Mind Portfolio Review (spoiler alert - were still crushing it), but now with our first  major risk rebalancing analysis from  @Moritz Heiden 

 •Trade Ideas from Jan

• Top Posts + Top WSB/GME Posts

•Final Thoughts: WSB vs The Exchange 



Special mentions to @Jeremiah S @Han S Rhee @Jack Farley @Raoul Pal @donald lacey @Seth Dingle @Moritz Seibert @Moritz Heiden @John Shelburne @Sam Colt @Ash Bennington