I wrote a crypto report giving a broad overview of what is currently taking place in the crypto and DeFi space.  

I usually write macro reports but this is the first one I have written in the crypto/DeFi space. These are just the main things I am currently seeing. I am sure there are errors in some of the things I am seeing because I am so new to the space but we adapt as we go.  

Several things as a backdrop: 1) I started doing much more extensive research in crypto/defi about a month ago. 2) All of the resources I used are free and in the spreadsheet on my previous posts. 3) I have created a DeFi portfolio allocation strategy based on a lot of my research thus far and might share it in the near future.  

Some of the logic and correlations I use are a little looser just because I didn't have the time to break them down a lot more. But I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts that you guys have. Again, I am more focused on being right than being idealistic so I am happy to change my views at any time.  

Download here: `https://rvtv.io/JSeidman_CryptoOverview

*not investment advice

*I am long a basket of assets in the crypto/DeFi space