Happy Thursday to the Real Vision Exchange community! The second installment of 'Behind the Lens' is fresh out of the oven - featuring @Nick Correa, who you might recognize from the Real Vision Daily Briefing. We dive into Nick's Real Vision journey and then, he takes the hot seat with rapid-fire questions. 

Let us know which staff member you would like us to feature next (https://www.realvision.com/about/) and which rapid-fire questions you want to add. Also, let us know if there are any Real Vision guests you would like to see answer some of these questions. 

And again, this impromptu series was birthed out of inspiration from your videos in the “How I Use Real Vision" exchange. So thank you!

Also, shout out to Real Vision's Creative Director @Kevin O'Dowd  who implemented 'The Intersection' element into 'The Interview' series. This limited-run addition incorporated rapid-fire questions at the end of each INTV and we recycled some of those classic questions for this 'Behind the Lens' series.