Make sure to vote in this week's @Real Vision Exchange survey. Last week's de-risking in sentiment in the survey allowed the Real Vision Bot, which is based on the pure interview sentiment, to catch up a bit initially (he was more risk on - long S&P). However his large VIX allocation soon destroyed his early profits. Meanwhile the Exchange performed very well due to the spike in Bitcoin, where participants kept their exposure more or less unchanged (they moved out of equities but kept Bitcoin risk-on)

If you haven't already checked out previous week's results, you can find these on the dashboard or on the Exchange.


Additional information:

The survey will be open each week from Wednesday (around 9am EST) to Saturday (9am EST). Results will be made available on the weekend. I'll post results here as well as on Twitter. Once we have a decent history of sentiment, I'll make the raw data available as well for everyone to play around with it.

Have fund and enjoy the survey. Thanks for participating, really looking forward to the insights of the community.

If you have questions please contact me on the Exchange. 
If you enjoy sentiment, make sure to follow the Bot on Twitter and check out the Twoquants page.