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The website now features

  • Crypto Survey: results from the latest crypto survey
  • Portfolios: crypto portfolios, weights and performance

In addition, I did some fixes on weight and performance charts. Mainly there was a problem with the weekly update of the weights and the performance accidentally did not update some positions. That's fixed now.

Crypto survey summary

Ethereum still leading. I made the ranking chart a little bit nicer. By %overweight - %underweight ranking, RUNE dropped out of the top 10, and ATOM entered (#5). DOT is #3 again. ADA was the biggest loser, dropping from #3 to #8. LUNA made its debut on #8.



The resulting portfolio is quite equally weighted among the top assets (plus some smaller positions in AAVE and VET)

There are now weight-over-time charts for the crypto portfolios as well so you can see how the positions actually changed. Best to view them on the website because it's interactive. You can see how DOGE dropped out of the portfolio again (light yellow).

The Bot remains focussed on the bigger tokens, as those showed good momentum during the recovery. He combines survey input with momentum across the token universe and some correlation analysis to make a selection.

Performance is bouncing back nicely. I added charts to view the portfolio's return contribution on the website. A daily return contribution chart will follow, currently, it's available weekly (cut off date is Saturday) and monthly. Yesterday's recovery has been mostly due to ETH and ATOM



Macro survey results

The macro survey will also get an update on the website. Some additional charts are coming soon.

1. Market View and Sentiment


S&P sentiment recovered from slightly bearish territory. Overall equity sentiment is neutral. Bitcoin and Commodities are less bullish. Gold sentiment has increased.

2. Positioning

Added the positioning over time as a chart. You can scroll through the development of the survey positioning. Longs in equities and Bitcoin were decreased. Also in line with weakening sentiment, commodity longs were decreased. Gold long increased slightly. Dollar shorts decreased.

Bitcoin gets a bit more exposure relative to the other assets due to the decrease in equity positions. Gold allocation increases as well.



The Bot keeps a low profile in Bitcoin, similar to last week but increases his allocation to Volatility. Equity weight is slightly reduced.

I haven't added the ytd chart to the website yet, so here is the full performance history. The Exchange portfolio is recovering, while I fear the Bot won't make an uptick for some time if he does keep his Vol allocation. Given that the recent drawdown was mostly due to Bitcoin and Tech stocks, I think there is a good chance we are back to an upwards trend in performance soon in the Exchange portfolio! 

Thank you for your participation! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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