I'm back at the desk this week and can give you some details on the latest survey results. Today is also macro portfolio rebalancing day (every Monday at close). Yesterday, the Bot already rebalanced the Crypto portfolios.

I did some major updates behind the scenes, preparing the Bot for being able to scan more efficiently through the interviews. He gets a database update and I'm including a more flexible way to incorporate any huggingface transformers NLP models. Probably, this update will take some more weeks, as I'm taking this opportunity to clean up legacy code as well.

So what happened last week: most visible change is probably that I updated the colors. I'm now using the tokens brand colors whenever possible. Some of them are quite close, so I had to get creative, but I think it's a big improvement.

Crypto survey summary

First of all, you can now sort the weighting chart in different ways. This is helpful if you want to know which token gets the most/least weights in a category. 

ETH and BTC still leading. The interesting changes have happened in the mid-field. UNI and BNB made it back into the Top 10 and HBAR appeared there for the first time. MATIC is still strong but had to make room at position 3 for UNI. DOT dropped in favor  the second consecutive week.

As a result, the Exchange portfolio remains quite diversified, but with overweight in ETH.

The Bot remains more concentrated. Interesting to see that his momentum-based approach does kick out UNI and DOT. He also kicks out the smaller allocations. I programmed him to be more selective (just a personal preference because of trading costs). 




The Exchange portfolio is currently down |~4%, the Bot ~ 15%. Looks like less because of the high volatility of the portfolios. The trend is again upward sloping and slightly steeper than Bitcoin (at least something!). 



Biggest performance driver last week was ETH, followed by SOL and ADA. 

Macro survey results

The macro survey will also get an update on the website. Some additional charts are coming soon.

1. Market View and Sentiment


Bitcoin sentiment keeps on dropping to new record lows relative to its history because of many participants expecting flat performance. However, overall it's still bullish. Gold sentiment stays elevated. Equity sentiment dropped to neutral levels again,.

2. Positioning

Slight reduction in Bitcoin positions. On the equity side, mainly Nasdaq exposure and European equities have been reduced. EM equities increased slightly. Also Gold and Commodity positions increased.

As a result, the portfolio mainly reduces the Bitcoin exposure and increases EM equities.



Thankfully the Bot reduced his irresponsibly large long vol position that always costs him a lot carry. He increased his allocation to Bitcoin and commodities.



Performance has stabilized for the Exchange portfolio and even bounced back a little. The Bot kept trending down last week (carry on the vol position).

Thank you for your participation! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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