Results of last week's survey are in. We added commodities to the asset universe and removed the EUR because it frequently led to confusion regarding the quote currency and also some contradictory results in terms of EUR/USD vs DXY.

So, first week for commodities and they already make up 12% in the RealVision Exchange portfolio. What a start! 


Executive Summary
1. Market View and Sentiment

Short term very positive for commodities and bitcoin as well as EM equities. Gold with negative sentiment short term but positive on the 3 months horizon. Interest to see that 10Y Treasury yields are expected to fall. At the moment they are rising and rising but looks like the view is in line with RealVision and participants have placed their bets on buying Calls on TLT.

Europe lockdown. I can understand your negative sentiment and I get why it's equally negative on 1m and 3m horizons.

2. Positioning

Definitely more long term oriented and very much the same as last week. More or less aligned with sentiment except gold. Also vol is not en vogue after VIX keeps falling and falling, despite the expectation that there might be a spike in the next 1-3m. Understandable as the Exchange was long VIX two weeks ago and lost on that trade. Including commodities was the right choice, a lot of long positions here (I know it's tricky for the spread traders...sorry guys)

I think it's fair to say that this is the risk-off + reflation trade portfolio of the Exchange. I like it

The Bot has a very similar view on some equities, commodities and gold. Volatility is heavily discussed in the interviews so it gets a larger share. Euro got kicked out in both portfolios, but it might appear with a near zero weight in some charts. In the historical charts it will of course remain visible.


Bot vs Exchange Portfolio: Exchange is far ahead. Really great call increasing the Bitcoin allocation last week. I'm not sure if the Bot will gain any ground with that large VIX allocation, that has been a drag for some time...let's hope bitcoin will at least pay for that premium.


3. Emotions

Quite some negative emotions in the interviews currently compared to last year. While VIX is low, fear remains elevated.

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