Election Day may have passed, but uncertainty is FAR from gone in a world where markets and policy collide like never before in modern history. Understanding the implications, not just of what's ahead, but what just happened, is critical. 

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have broken records as getting the most and 2nd most popular votes in US history, with the highest voter turnout in over a century. Nearly 160 million Americans voters are deeply engaged in the political system. Shouldn't you be as well?  

Along with participation comes an unprecedented amount of noise, making it almost impossible to filter for what really matters. Hence, Real Vision brings you The Aftermath - Your Guide to the Post-Election Landscape. 

Everything is on the table, observed through the lens of the world's most prolific thinkers:

• Niall Ferguson, brightest mind in financial history, talks with the legendary Dan Rather in a time of deep media mistrust

• An intergenerational discussion exploring past precedence from Dr. Pippa Malmgren and Dr. Harald Malmgren

as well as Dee Smith, David Blanchflower, Charles Wheelan & more

A Look from Abroad:
• View from Europe with Charles Gave and @Edward Harrison 

• Opportunities in India with Scott Malcomson and @Raoul Pal 
• Investing in LATAM with Vincent Deluard and @Max Wiethe 

• Overlooked Opportunities in Africa with Lexi Novitske & @Raoul Pal 
• On the Ground in Asia with Louis Gave, Robert Jesudason and Matt Milsom

...and of course, markets and finance:

• Volatility in the time of Volatility with Cam Carson of AEGEA Capital Management & Jason Buck of Mutiny.

• Bitcoin: Meltem Demirors with Peter McCormack

• Tom Thornton of Telemetry with @Ash Bennington 

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