With gratitude and admiration, I am awarding @Muhammed Banday and @Jeremiah S  with free admission to our upcoming must-attend festival event The Aftermath, for their proactive contributions of expertise and value extraction that they have provided to the Exchange community's overall benefit. 

@Muhammed Banday, thank you for the front-line work that you do every day out there, truly admirable, and of course thank you for stepping up to the moment and keeping us informed. @Jeremiah S thank you for proactively extracting value on behalf of the rest of the community, and helping us to make sense of this insane era we're in. We only benefit because you guys proactively went to work. 

IF anyone else out there with expertise and knowledge to contribute to this topic or a completely unrelated one, we're counting on you. I have one free admission left for The Aftermath, its all yours if you step up and help the community with proactive engagement!

Everyone is an expert at SOMEthing. Be engaged, get involved. Let's put our heads together and navigate uncertainty.

Congrats to you both, and we all look forward to continued organic value creation!


See @Muhammed Banday & @Jeremiah S video from earlier today here