People regularly talk about “the dollar“ - what’s “the dollar” doing, one’s “dollar view,” ___ because of the rising/falling ”dollar.” 

WTF is “the dollar?” Dollar vs WHAT? ¥€£? How do you get ”long dollars” if you’re already long dollars in cash?

Quick video trashing DXY, and how to go about looking at taking a “Long Dollar” position, particularly for USD holding, naturally long USD traders (US based investors), and touching on select FX crossed raised by Seth Dingle’s Weekend Update video last week (BRL, RUB, SEK, NOK, AUD etc).

Ive been meaning to upload this since last Sunday in responseto @Seth Dingle ’s video looking for a better way to get long USD.  (actually, I’ve been meaning to for far longer but Seth goth me to move on it) 
The Exchange Weekend Trend Update: Is the US dollar Index the best way to put on a currency trade? (Link to Seth Dingle’s video)


Note: more content on “the dollar“ coming soon w/ @Jack Farley  later today!