Hey! So all the talk of a rise in the price of NFT’s and collectibles reminded me of a game I played all through high school and for periods after college - Magic: The Gathering. While financial assets have gone up, a select group of rare MTG cards have also seen an equally dramatic price increase in the last 12 months. I’ve noticed a small RV contingent might already be aware of it. Lynn Alden and @Travis Kimmel, I’m looking at you! 

I sat down with a friend and investor, Alex Foffonoff to talk about the thriving secondary market in MTG cards, how he approaches investing in the space, and the causes for their post-March spike in value. 

This was such a good reminder that you don’t have to own equities in this market to find some alpha (or beta, or revised… get it?).  Sometimes the best thing is to invest in what you know. 




And because we love charts, below are some charts tracking the price of 3 cards on the ‘reserve list’ that we talk about in the video. 



Fellow exchangers, what is an alternative or niche market you are seeing opportunity in? The weirder the better please.