Sorry for not posting the weekly results in a timely manner lately. If you are taking those as an early indicator, it's always updated on Sunday on the Bot's website ( If you only look at the charts, you might only miss my description of events. I'll return to the normal schedule of discussing the results on the Exchange shortly. For the moment I'm working on new features for the Bot.

One feature will be to search the interviews for any keyword and display the information in a time-series with additional information to dig deeper.

E.g. For marketing purposes I searched for keyword "Fuck" and counted the occurrences across all interviews in the database. Latest interview with the highest number of "fucks" was apparently "The Stock Market is not a game" with Marc Cohodes, Raoul and Jason.

In the final version, more information of the interview will be visible and I want to split it up even further (who said the keyword most of the time, what was the sentiment or related terms etc etc). Still very early, as my main goal was to speed up everything so this can potentially be used similar to Google.

Another thing I'm working on is getting more insights from the data, especially the emotion indices and their relationship towards markets. For example the Fear Index,based on the occurrence of keywords related to fear is quite interesting if you compare it against Bitcoin's volatility

Correlation between VIX, SPY, BTC and BTC volatility is definitely there, even though it's not super large. 

You can actually use the FEAR Index as some kind of indicator in a simple breakout exercise: if FEAR makes a 2 standard deviation move from the 20-day moving average and you use this to close your BTC position, there is some benefit regarding drawdowns (but you also miss out on some upside)

I'll make the underlying data of the emotion indices as well as the Bot search results available on the website shortly, so everyone can do their own digging. 

Feel free to hit me with other ideas!