As flagged earlier today (Asia), Reserve Bank of Australia July policy meeting + Gov. Lowe press conference from this afternoon and equity market impact via $AUD

AUDJPY (white) vs SPX Eminis (orange) 
AUDJPY (white) vs SPX Eminis (orange) 

Original note from today ahead of RBA ↓ 

Asia Market Open- Watching SoftBank, China Tech & 🇦🇺 RBA Policy

as well as follow up on policy decision in daily Asia market note from @Matt Daniell on RBA decision + our discussion on market reaction for their “stealth tightening QE extension“ - also from earlier today ↓ 

APAC Tuesday 6th July 2021.

For anyone who may be unaware, definitely follow @Matt Daniell, Australia based veteran day trader (yes, they exist - extremely rare but long term career day traders exist)  as he writes a daily Asia Pacific market note on the first major DM market to open, setting the tone for global equities, FX, and commodities. He writes these for the Europe and Americas based  Exchange members to catching up on overnight price action on Aussie SPI, Japan NKY, SPX Eminis, FX and BTC + RV content. Even though he and I share a hemisphere and I am well aware of what’s happening in Japan/NKY, I personally find his perspectives on my own markets to be of genuine value every day. Since I personally don’t have that regularity in my life, I often comment and discuss what happened in markets that day within his post, and sometimes discuss actual trades. So if anyone wants to see a discussion of overnight price action, or better yet- has anything to add (or ask), follow Matt and look for his note to get a heads up on your day. Our respective notes from Asia trading hours were of particular forward relevance to global markets today (and I don’t mean for day traders - for all, discussing Didi, softbank, CB policy looking 2 years forward etc) 

And I truly mean every single trading day since inception of the Exchange, Matt writes a market note at his close - which is process discipline that only someone who’s been able to survive day trading for a decade and a half. 

@Jeremiah S - regarding your observation  of AUD & SPX divergence (as charted below 1yr chart)

Indeed there’s a visible gap widening. However- this is what I mean by depending on time frame of observation: if you look at say 3 day period, you would see a far tighter price action relationship 

…and if you look intraday, you’ll see which leads which (AUD → SPX) 

and again, since were looking round the clock FX tradinf hours and not just US cash equity hours, need to use SPX emini futures

See/Follow: APAC Tuesday 6th July 2021.