Video has been updated; I managed to get helpful input from Cem Karsan, who was kind enough to comment and give feedback on the video and to check that all the details were correct.
You should definitely check out his Twitter (For daily updates on vanna/charm and how it will affect the SP500) and his interviews on RealVision if you want to get really deep into the weeds!

Continuing from my last post where I explained how market makers delta hedging their gamma and vanna exposures can influence the market, Here I go into more detail about Vanna and also include Charm.

This is a first draft and I will be updating this post once the final video is made. (In the middle of asking a rather famous guy in the Vol-space to look over the draft before releasing a final version).
Decided I would share the first draft here for the RV exchange in advance.



This video assumes you are somewhat familiar with the material covered in the previous video.
The previous video can be found here:


(The video on that post has been updated!)

@Weston Nakamura Hopefully this gives a more rounded picture on delta hedging of all 3 exposures, Gamma, Vanna, Charm; and how these can all interact together to produce constant bidding in the stock market (In particular, markets where many investors are long OTM puts and short OTM calls)