Full disclosure: $RUNE is the biggest position in my portfolio.

The first time I came across $RUNE was after the summer 2020 when someone on Twitter introduced me to it, at the time I bought at $0.8c on Binance, but the project was not clear to me, so I sold shortly after (Bad mistake) ...

However, from that moment I kept monitoring the price. 

At the beginning of the year, I took a deep dive into their whitepaper here:


This is when I got the light bulb moment and started to buy $RUNE from $3.3.

After reading the docs I came to the following conclusion:

Thorchain is a multichain decentralized exchanged (DEX) where $RUNE plays a balancer role and native tokens can be exchanged.

This means that unlike other tokens, $RUNE has a purpose (other than voting rights) in its own ecosystem.

It also means the more TVL (Total Value Locked) in the pools the more $RUNE will be needed.

I got in touch with the team and spent 1h30 on a call and realised how good they are.

They are ambitious, smart and skilled but more importantly they had a real vision (punt intended) of where they could take Thorchain, I was sold, I went all-in.

They have built an amazing community; we know how important an engaged community to any successful projects is.

They have been criticized on their marketing method, or strong use of memes, but this is part of the community and does not take the seriousness of the project away, personally I find it funny...remember to never judge a book by its cover...

The team made it clear in the call that Thorchain does not have any leading figure (publicly) and that the protocol is designed to exist independently. 

Thorchain will become much more than a simple DEX, as they will implement lending, synthetics assets, stablecoin and composites...

They are being cautious since their launch earlier this month and have a step-by-step approach (The cap in liquidity is the perfect proof of this), this makes me very bullish for the future. Safety of the protocol come first even if it creates delays. They are being very active at clearing bugs away while developing the future.

The community even launched an LP University (Genius move), to support people in providing liquidity to Thorchain and optimize returns.

In less than two weeks more than 10,000 people joined their discord server... simply astonishing...

Additionally, the Thorchain team is sitting on +$100 Million in treasury, which give them enough liquidity to fund anything they like.

I genuinely believe the future is bright for Thorchain, I am invested for the long run with them. The more products are created, the more $RUNE will be needed and the scarcer $RUNE will become.

Note: I am not affiliated in anyway with Thorchain and this post is not part of any marketing stunt and represents my view only.