Here you go. 

I honestly don’t know what/if there’s some headline or rumor making the rounds, because a) I’m busy, and b) I don‘t need nor care to “find out.” 

This intraday mirroring of price action & % for % movements in BTC & Monex during Japan cash equity hours (the only window of time in which BTC & Monex live trading overlaps) - this phenomenon has been very interesting to observe, to say the least.  

Whats borderline crazy is the DAY-OVER-DAY % mirroring. As in- Monex is a Japan listed stock and therefore trades on Tokyo Stock Exchange trading hours / days (ex holidays, Mon- Fri, 9am -11:30am & 12:30pm - 3pm). That’s only 5 hours total per weekday- after Japan market close at 3pm, BTC is free to do what it wants for 19 straight hours of EU & US active hours before Japan reopens the next day.

But whatever happens, Japan’s open picks up where left off and matches % for %. So currently, BTC loses -5% in between japan equity close yesterday and today‘s open (Japan “overnight“). And as Japan opens for trading,  Monex group “catches up“ by dropping -5% market on open, and then they both sell off another -6% together over the AM session. 

which is why as I write this, BTC is -4.5% on “the day” (whenever BTC “day” starts/ends) and Monex is down -11.5% in  just this AM session alone. 

This list of prev daily comments on thjs BTC & Monex thing is getting long, will add this very note to the below list tomorrow ↓ 

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