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Ron Krakower
Asked a question 11 months ago

Can anyone suggest some precious metal, gold, gold miner mutual funds to further research? Looking for options for a retirement account - unable to purchase individual stocks. Thanks.

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I have a lot of my miner exposure in the Sprott Gold fund (formerly Tocqueville). It’s managed by John Hathaway who has been on Real Vision in the past. VanEck (manager of GDX and GDXJ) has an actively managed mutual fund that might be worth checking out. First Eagle’s gold fund has been around for awhile too.

In the slack channel Ryan Daly shared this very interesting tweet (and the following ones).
Anthony Fallucco
Student of Austrian Economics & Bitcoin enthusiast.

Does your 401k offer a brokeridge account? If you meet the minimum deposit requirements and want to take control of your portfolio you should look into it. 

Check out Central Fund of Canada, I first heard of it from through Richard Russel a fews years back. (no position) 

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Asked a question 11 months ago
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