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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hi all So I've just watched the Anthony Deden segment: Deden's investment process has been a light bulb moment for me and I'm keen to further explore his longer term approach to investing in resilient, independent businesses. I do currently work as a professional investor - and the shorter term, institutionalised approach to managing money seems often self-sabotaging and very much at odds with Deden's approach. Edelweiss (Deden's investment group) seems like a very private firm who does their own thing. However, does anyone know if other practitioners or networks with similar investment philosophies may be more accessible? Any suggestions on people to follow (including family offices / investment firms); networks/communities to tap or other resources to seek out would be much appreciated.

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More of a suggestion than answer. Did you subscribe to the Edelweiss Journal?. The articles are great reading after you see that interview.

Sam ColtExChangemaker
"So called Business Engineer"

This is actually also one of my favourite interviews. Perhaps because it's much easier to understand. 😄

Yes, just like @John Beecroft9  said do check out the Edelweis journal and website. They also publish half-year results or at least yearly report where you can see what sort of things Anthony invested in. 

If you liked the Edelweiss story and way of thinking I imagine you will also enjoy Jim Garland. Here is a memo/ presentation he gave to a family office.

if you liked his stuff here is a website with more of it (there are quite a few of them that are hidden behind journal paywalls):