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Asked a question 6 months ago

With development of the Cryptoeuro, cryptodollar, JPM crypto etc, etc., how will they relate to Bitcoin? Is it possible that Bitcoin will therefor become irrelevant?

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Bitcoin is...
1. Decentralized (no central authority or single point of failure).
2. Permission-less (open to all).
3. Open-Source (the code is publicly available, and thus verifiable).
4. Censorship-resistant (payments are final, and no one can prevent someone paying someone else). 

These are the key properties of a blockchain. I very much doubt any of the projects you listed will have similar traits. In fact, I'm pretty sure they will all have the opposites. 

In the very first block of the Bitcoin blockchain, Satoshi left a message-

The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

He/she/they made it pretty clear why Bitcoin was created. Whether it is USD or crypto dollars - the powers that be will print. They can't help themselves. Bitcoin is the peoples insurance policy. 

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Asked a question 6 months ago
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