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Algorithmic Trading
Algorithmic Trading
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Matt B
Founder & CEO of AI firm in field of forecasting

Bulge-bracket Quant Traders in Rough 2020

Following on from yesterday's excellent Daily Briefing with Dave Floyd, where he talks about leaving quant trading to the big shops, today we learn that such houses are having a tough year:


Renaissance Technologies

Long-Biased Fund -20% YTD (end-Oct '20)

Market-Neutral Fund -27%

Global Stocks Fund -25%


Two Sigma

Risk-premia -11.5%

Absolute Return -2.7%

Absolute Return Macro -23%


Renaissance, Two Sigma See Losses as Quant Giants Navigate Chaos


steve colley
I take a holistic approach to investing by continually assessing ALL asset classes. My portfolio is primarily focused on high growth with a 5-year time horizon. I only invest in things I understand and which I believe will offer me exceptional returns, with limited downside risk.

This is one of my favourite topics... B.I.

On flexibility of investing approach.
Recently there've been a lot of talking on "value is dead". But I think it's nothing more than a lack of flexibility. If we just accept reality as it is, then what is called "dead", doesn't have any value. Maybe try to look for it in a different way?
If you call yourself a "value investor" and your portfolio didn't move for the last 10 years, obviously you failed to discover any value. It's such a weird approach to me, to call something "value", and when it fails to show any value, saying "value is dead" instead of just accepting that you were looking in the wrong place.
I manage my portfolio purely using algorithms that discover "valuation pull" based on fundamentals, price and TA. Believe me or not, but there's lots of value in the market. Algos don't read "Security Analysis", don't read news or watch RealVision. They're not biased and don't have any opinion on things. They're just trained to discover value. And they f-ing do :)