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Taiwan's Right Tail

Why you should never underestimate the Right Tail potential and give away your upside for a small premium:


I haven't read either of the books above but if you haven't read Peter Zeihan's latest "Disunited Nations" it does a pretty good job of explaining why China isn't like to ever rule the world. athough they have a good shot at being the local hegemon in SE Asia. Peter has been on RV before, I believe. 

If you subscribe here you probably already know, but props to Hugh Henry for putting me on to Prices of the Yen when he did his interview with Raoul.

I haven't read the book, but I watched the documentary and to me, Japan in the 80's feels so similar to China today (just bigger) that I think it is a valid comparison.

Youtube documentary:



Geopolitics Today: Monday Issue

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today has been a very slow news cycle, and as a result, this will be a fairly abbreviated issue of Geopolitics Today. I also wanted to thank all of you who watched the first edition of the Exchange Geopolitics Q&A. This was an insane success, and I very much look forward to announcing the next edition in the coming weeks. If you haven't watched it yet, I will be leaving a link below. Have a great Monday, everyone!

The Exchange Geopolitics Q&A:

Moderna Over Preforms Pfizer in Phase Three Trials: 94.5% effectiveness

This morning saw the announcement of how the Moderna vaccine performed in the conclusion of its phase three trial. The results show a 94.5% effectiveness compared to the 90% effectiveness of the Pfizer results. This marks the second vaccine candidate exceeding expectations by providing a race of effectiveness greater than 90%.

What separates the two vaccines is that the Moderna vaccine can be stored at refrigerator temperatures compared to the Pfizer vaccine, which must be refrigerated at -70 degrees centigrade, which adds a layer of logistical complications the Modera vaccine reportedly avoids making it the prime candidate for deployment.

@Muhammed Banday wrote an article checking expectations concerning the four primary candidates, which include Moderna and Pfizer. With the release of in info from Modern, I'd be interested in hearing an update on the original article if you see any different information from before.

@Muhammed Banday Article:


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