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View on the AUDUSD?

Hi Lyn,

Apologies if this has been asked already, I did a quick scroll through and didn't find too much on this.

Just wondering what your view of the next 12 months for the AUDUSD, and next 5 years for the AUDUSD is? And what makes you think that?

Much appreciated!

Means for Aussie to gain exposure to USD

Hello everyone,

What do we like as a methods to hold some USDs (as an Aussie)?

This is just about my preparation for some clearer direction in USD.

I've considered:
1) An Aussie bank account denominated in USD

2) Stocks in US companies (denominated in USD)

3) Stablecoin or similar

4) Paper USD in a safe deposit box.

Up to now, I'm a cash and metals person - cashed out of property a while ago. 

Whenever I've spoken to financial advisors, the don't call back. I'm hesitant to dive into CMC or Betashares at such a volatile time... 

I'm mostly looking to be ready to make a significant move as the USD/DXY story unfolds.

Thanks for your thoughts.

AUD/USD Anybody know what's going on over the last few days? We've fallen a few cents. Is it time for Aussie's to pick up some USD?
I'm not a fintech guy so mainly rely on instinct when trying to work out where AUDUSD is going. I can see the big commodity bias as a major plus for the Aussie $ buy when compared with the poor state of the economy and economic outlook over the next 2 years my gut feel is this will dominate AUDUSD. Appreciate any wise thoughts on this!