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Palantir To Accept Bitcoin Payments, May Hold BTC on Balance Sheet

In response, Palantir's CFO, David Glazer, said "The short answer is yes. We're thinking about it and we've even discussed it internally. If you take a look at our balance sheet there's $2.3 billion in cash at quarter-end including $151 million in cash flow in Q1. So it's definitely on the table from a treasury perspective as well as other investments as we look across our business and beyond."

Glazer continued, saying "On the other side of that, in terms of accepting Bitcoin from our customers, we do accept it as a form of payment. We're open for business there."

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Crypto Winter Coming in Charts & History - Unless This Time Is Different (it is - but still noteworthy info)

Crypto Cyclicality / Seasonality Developing... The Looming Crypto Winter Cometh… or not. But these are of note:

  • Analysis of Price Action via Relative Market Cap for BTC, ETH & total crypto ex BTC + ETH
  • DOGE: Difference between “use(ful)” and “significance”
  • May 16th sell catalyst: Sudden re-emergence of

Spot price matters, but more so for technicals and price action analysis and trading - whereas looking at market cap (or changes in market cap), absolute and relative, provide flow context, which represents global capital investment interest, which determines the rate of progress in this digital asset ecosystem building or conversion. I drew up some charts which I meant to put out yesterday, but after the fucking “back button” erased my work for the 50th time this month and I didn’t have the time nor patience to re-write it at 3am (theres a lot of stuff that never makes it out there to see the light of day, and a lot of what exists that was draft attempt #2-4, hence why I often don't seem to care about grammar, if anyone was wondering). So this was going to be another crumpled up ball of paper in an overflowing wastebasket- but of course, those are the moments when crypto sells off and your note’s relevancy jumps. So- this is a very lazy version with maybe a quarter of the insights I had put in, let me know if anyone cares and and I’ll be happy to share further. And the charts below... (More)

Moritz HeidenExpert: Quant Finance
Head of Quant Research MunichRe Investment Partners and one of the @twoquants

Real Vision Exchange Survey Week 19/2021: Results

Latest survey results are in!

If you haven't participated in the survey, feel free to do so:

Participate here in the weekly macro survey

Participate here in the weekly crypto survey

Crypto survey summary

Not a lot of change at the top. Ethereum still preferred to Bitcoin, Cardano made it to Top 3 again in terms of overweight votes, but it also has a large number of opponents.

Looking at ranking by %overweight minus %underweight. RUNE made the biggest move last week, while UNI and BNB were the biggest losers. New entrants in the Real Vision crypto portfolio are Solana, Atom and Litecoin.

The resulting portfolio is quite diversified this week. Note that for this naive approach I'm taking %overweight minus %underweight for each token and standardize the weights so that the portfolio is fully allocated. If you want to track the portfolio yourself, you can think about not trading the very small positions (at least that's what I personally would do) and focus on the bigger ones.

The Bot is very ETH heavy this week. He completely sold his Doge, VET and Rune holdings. Also, his heavy SOL overweight is now down to just 2.15%

Exchange portfolio performance was quite exceptional. +12.01% last week, mostly driven by outperformance of ETH but also ADA and LINK delivered good results. The Bot with his steady hand gained 1.11%.

Macro survey results


1. Market View and Sentiment

Nearly unchanged sentiment. Equity sentiment has worsened across... (More)

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

This is something nobody can answer but yourself. We can’t possibly know what would work best without any personal context, which are factors that matter far more than allocation or even the assets themselves. Furthermore we’re all answering based on our own individual lenses and biases, which unless by sheer coincidence happen to mirror yours exactly, aren’t applicable. You allude to this concept yourself by pointing out UK taxes, one of an endless list of considerations. We don’t know what kind of investor you are- like age, experience, risk tolerance, financial state (income & source, expenses & source), what other assets you have and your overall total exposures, % of net worth, objectives/purpose for being long, at what level you’re long from, how you behave if you see a single day -50% drop or +50% spike, and on and on and on. If we somehow magically knew what the exact performance for each would be (let’s just say +5,000% for both over the next 5 years but with ever higher multiples of realized volatility on the pathway there) - we can’t just say “it’s gonna be ↑ 5k% from here so be long and hold“ - because if you’re gonna get like 20 days worth of sleep until then and have 5 heart attacks sprinkled in there, maybe doesn’t matter if youll be dead whether BTC is at $3 million or $3 billion/coin. Among the infinite number of issues, thats the biggest basic fundamental core problem with the asset management... (More)