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Episode #18 Bitcoin and Ethereum Elliott Wave analysis ! 03/06/21

Corrective moves are part of the game, bigger picture continues to look bullish towards 100k and above
Tyler Christensen
Team Perfomance Manager

Central Banks and Bitcoin

Bold prediction for BTC.


The Federal Reserve purchases $50-$100 Billion in Bitcoin by 2022.


Considering the market cap today, that would be roughly 12.5-25% of the total marketcap. It’s too early for the Fed to jump in now at this low cap. The marketcap must be much larger for an investment like this, otherwise they risk owning too much of the circulating supply than they would be comfortable with.


To my understanding, the NY Fed acts as a custodial service for some US Gold reserves. They do not own the asset, but essentially have access to it as collateral in case of a default by the United States.


By the time the Fed buys BTC, the marketcap will be at least $5 Trillion, roughly half of golds current marketcap. Considering the amount of collateral the Fed has access to in gold, it would only make sense for a large allocation to an asset which is now half as large. If the Fed adds BTC to their balance sheet at that valuation, they would still end up with a considerable amount Bitcoin.


I believe that the Fed and other central banks across the world will inevitably be sucked in. Who is going to make the first move? I’m hoping it’s something to do with the Fed and the USA 🇺🇸


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How to value Bitcoin?

Hello all,

After listening to several people, that quite frankly, I respect, say that bitcoin has no value, I got to thinking...Was wondering your collective thoughts to my line of reasoning...

When confronted with the argument that bitcoin has no value, I replied that from an engineering perspective, the reliability and the security of the bitcoin network has great value. And since bitcoin essentially provides the usable access to the network, do you think it is a fair anaology to say that it can be valued along the lines of ISP revenues to the internet (scaled to the number of users - of course).

I was considering building a model along these lines in an attempt to derive a fair price for bitcoin.  Does anyone think this might be useful?