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Bitcoin Miners are an asymmetric trade^2

Bitcoin miners seem to be incredibly undervalued right now. By looking at forward hashrate, electricity costs, and hodl'd bitcoin we can value these companies with high precision at specific bitcoin price points. Cheshire_Cat puts out a great chart comparing bitcoin miners.

With a very very modest 25PE and Bitcoin $100k some of these have a 3.5-5.1x potential (it gets much crazier at $200k below).

Miners are a leveraged play on bitcoin like gold miners on gold. Their profit is the difference between the price floor to mine and price of bitcoin. Profitability data can be tracked here.

Unlike leveraged bitcoin you can't be washed out. Unlike altcoins you don't risk picking the wrong blockchain. They combine the upside of altcoins with the inevitability of bitcoin but somehow get the least attention. This of course also means they are more volatile than bitcoin so you need an iron stomach.

The public miners are in a race to secure hashrate and cheap power. With announced purchases we can calculate their revenue.

Miners are incentivized to hodl bitcoin and in some cases outright buy bitcoin for their balance sheets.

Mara and Riot have the highest market caps being on Nasdaq. However, the pre-Nasdaq stocks' market caps are far behind what their hashrate should be valued. There are some massive price dislocations going on because of the Nasdaq barrier.

Blonity is the best analyst in the sector (RV should have him on) and has created an amazing BMXI indicator which calculates the degree... (More)

Best Resources on Blockchain

Hey guys, 

Can you share the best resources you know on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or anything related to the field. It doesn't matter if it costs money or not. Also, what are the best people you follow on Twitter for the space? 
I just need as many resources as possible to do research for a project I am working on. 

Thanks in advance!


Chamil Peiris
Senior Financial Planner

Bitcoin is wasteful.