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Trent Grinkmeyer
Investment and Retirement Advisor

Elementary question...Is blockchain technology more secure of a platform?

Craig P
Independent Macro/Vol/Crypto/Quant/Fintech Nerd

Price of Bitcoin vs Google Searches

It's no secret Google trends data has a habit of correlating to the price of bitcoin. Here are a few recent charts I put together. Could this be a derivative of Metcalfe's law at play? 



I've been tracking this for a few years now. I always found the price correlated a bit better with the search phrase "Blockchain". 


Any search phrases you guys would like to see? 


Craig P
Independent Macro/Vol/Crypto/Quant/Fintech Nerd

Bitcoin and Stochastic Oscillators

Nothing ground breaking here... But BTC tends to get a bit choppy whenever stochastics get overheated and start to trend back down. Im still long BTC and see this dip as a buying opportunity. 

Kazu Williams
Staff Research Associate

Hackathon blockchain

They also pay rewards for successful projects.