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Bull Market
Bull Market
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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Question for those who were around (and trading) during dot-com bubble

(Yes this is a real question)

Seems these days that almost everyone who lived through the dot com ‘00 bubble & crash (as in people who had / could have had capital at risk in markets then- as opposed to myself who was “around” / alive, but as an 11 year old) draws or refutes comparisons of today’s market to the dot com days. Be it valuations, corporate credit, IPOs/SPACs, individual behavioral things (cab driver stock tip) etc- seems like there’s this embedded comparison function by broad consensus.

My question to you is- during that bubble, what (if any) were people comparing the era THEN to, as we do now to then?

Thanks, survivors!

I think selective NASDAQ and Nasdaq 100 will have some fun intraday swings!

Will be active today! Bet there is a ton to scalp today, like mining for doge haha =) I am not a financial advisor, investment or wealth advisor or licensed financial professional. All statements that follow are my own opinions and are not a recommendation of strategy to trade or invest.

Edit: Most of these I have memorized or I know the ranges by heart for atleast 50 days, most for 100. It's faster for me to visualize than chart sometimes and watching pre market and now the addition of the amazing futures and Japan insight makes one of my strategies much more cogent. Therefore I rely even more on my visualization (logically incorrect; intuitive in nature). So cyber security-related such as DDOG, Crowdstrike, Palo Alto and the rest. Big cap swings in FB GOOG/GOOGL AAPL, watching JMIA, PINS, CRM, INTEL, AMD for some, definitely tsla/MSTR. These are just thoughts and opinions. =)

Best Resources on Blockchain

Hey guys, 

Can you share the best resources you know on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or anything related to the field. It doesn't matter if it costs money or not. Also, what are the best people you follow on Twitter for the space? 
I just need as many resources as possible to do research for a project I am working on. 

Thanks in advance!


U.S. Quad Witch - ooOooOoO

U.S., imho, indices looking sketchy to me right now. Waiting for 2pm est, I expect massive fireworks and the actual tech separation of companies, pit Bulls from puppies. Fingers crossed! @Weston Nakamura great piece on Japan and the history, well done! Helped me a lot today