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Dear skeptics of technical analysis (Classical Charting in particular), I need your help!

I'm planning on doing a blogcast episode to present an argument for classical charting, but I want to do a bit of research as to what are people's biggest reservations against it. Please note I am not trying to attack people who are against technical analysis (I have been firmly against it for 6 of the past 8 years myself, and still have a lot of reservations about it despite a transition to a purely classical charting approach).

I am hoping to explore both sides of the argument, but it is going to be difficult for me to do it myself given my bias on the subject. I am not looking to argue with people, rather I am looking to argue the CONCEPT in a civil, respectful manner. In fact, I believe that is one of the biggest advantages of using the exchange, it appears to me to be a place where people with different, and often opposing points of views can test their own ideas and thus make them stronger.

To kick it off, I believe the weaknesses of Classical charting are as below:

  1. No forecasting value
  2. Does not provide an 'edge' (easily replicable)
  3. Questionable as to why the shape of a chart should provide any sort of forecasting value
  4. Shallow form of analysis resulting in a lack of conviction

Would really appreciate your help!

#1) Introduction to the Blogcast!

So this was terrifying! Fun, but terrifying. Props to all you video uploaders haha.

I've been writing a blog on the Free Form Exchange about my journey as a retail trader and concepts I've found useful so far on my journey (I'm a full time engineer aspiring to one day transition into full time trading). And I thought I'd get with the times and turn it into a blogcast instead of writing walls of text at people!

I hope the blogcast gets the retail guys out there interacting more on the exchange too! I'd love to hear everybody's story as I don't know many retail traders in 'real life'.

P.S sorry for the shitty sound quality. This blogcast is full on homebrand productions :).

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